My Eyes Tokyo helps
cities, people, companies, and
products build their brands
through dialogues.

My Eyes Tokyoは



“My Eyes Tokyo" was launched in October 2006

2006年10月 東京で活躍する外国人から見た東京や日本を、ストーリー形式で映し出すメディア「My Eyes Tokyo」が産声を上げました。

“My Eyes Tokyo" was launched in October 2006 as a media outlet for telling stories about Tokyo and Japan as seen by people from overseas who live and work in Tokyo.


We started this small project with the idea that we wanted to see Tokyo and Japan as they see it, and that we wanted to let the world know about Japan as it is today.


Eventually, the project has grown into a radio show and events and a book, with one article of the small project even being featured in a textbook for Japanese junior high school students.

さらに国際交流基金や外務省とのコラボレーションや、ハフィントンポストへの寄稿、海外オンラインメディア”Tech In Asia”からの取材を受けるまでに広がっていったのです。

We have also worked in collaboration with the Japan Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), written for the Huffington Post, and been interviewed by the international online media “Tech In Asia”.

就職や起業、旅行など、様々な目的で東京に来た人々。その一人ひとりに会い、じっくりと話を聞いて彼らの言葉を記録し、世に放つ ー

People come to Tokyo for a variety of reasons, such as to get a job, start a business, or to travel. We realized that the activities we had been doing for more than a decade were...


... in fact "brand building" for the city of Tokyo; rediscovering its charms and presenting them to people inside and outside of the country, by meeting and listening to each of them closely, recording their words, and releasing them to the world.

My Eyes Tokyoを法人化。

In October 2020
My Eyes Tokyo became incorporated.


In addition to building the brand of Tokyo through conversation and dialogue,


We will work on building brands for people who want to achieve their goals and dreams, and focus on companies/products that are looking for sales channels overseas through these dialogues.